About Chrysanthemum

Essentially, I’m a translator. Not from one language to another but from thought to word. I help companies, organizations and individuals figure out what they’re trying to say. Then I try to say it so that people will listen.

This site (mostly) focuses on the intersection of technology and policy, a point at which the future collides with past and present and there are more questions than answers. Because regardless of how we feel about it, in the 21st century, technology is life.

Chrysanthemum is based in Austin, Texas, where I grew up. I write, manage projects, give and coordinate talks talks to help one group better understand another.

Why chrysanthemum? They’re hardy, versatile and resilient flowers that mean different things depending on where you are. Sometimes they’re big and showy. Other times, they’re small and fill in the space around the showstoppers. In Italy, chrysanthemums are the mark of death; in Japan, royalty; in Texas, football. Take your pick.

If you have a question or a comment, let me know.


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