About Chrysanthemum

Helping scientific and technical companies engage customers, attract supporters and convert critics

Why Chrysanthemum? The flower is a global citizen that adapts readily to wherever it lands to get the job done. In Italy it honors death. In Japan, royalty. In Texas, football. The chrysanthemum can stay in the background as filler, or it can stand alone and be a showstopper. Can you think of a better avatar?

We work to widen the lens by helping our clients weave together a story that engages the people who need to hear it. Sometimes this involves telling the backstory. Sometimes it’s connecting the dots. Sometimes it’s paying attention to and tying in seemingly unrelated events. Given focus and attention, it all fits together.

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Raye Elizabeth Ward


Combine one part Sherlock Holmes and one part mixologist. Add two parts band conductor, and you get a sense of Raye. She founded her strategic marketing communications firm, Chrysanthemum, after returning to Austin, her home town, following 15 years in New York. Want to know more? Go here.


Editorial Assistant

A native Texan and adventuress, on break after a long day.

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